photographer & taco lover 

Most days you can find me with my hair in a top knot, craving tacos, a margarita & queso (those are the best food groups after all), and talking in a dog mom voice too much to my dog Benji (all of you animal lovers out there.. you know exactly what I'm referencing here haha). I'm an avid recycler, extroverted introvert, & have a huuuge birthmark on my entire arm that kinda looks like a tattoo sleeve - My husband is definitely jealous because he's been wanting to get a three-quarter sleeve for a while now ;) 

Being in front of the camera is hard work & if anyone understands not feeling confident, beautiful, or worthy enough to be there, it's me. I have insecurities too and it's taken me a long time (and pushing myself to trust the photographer on the other side of the camera) to start to love myself in a whole new way. 

Have you felt like this at some point too? If so, I totally get that you might be nervous or think you won't look great. But you know what? I'm here to show you that you are beautiful. That you can take a really great photo even if you don't think so. I love capturing people as they are & my hope is that during our session (or wedding day!) together, I can help you see how beautiful you are, perhaps in a way you've never seen yourself before. 

I want to help you feel confident and more like yourself so you can show the world the best version of you. It's literally my job to make you look and feel incredible & there's not much I love more than seeing you absolutely beaming when we get "the shot".

A few more fun facts if you're curious: I was disqualified from my 5th grade spelling bee because I didn't spell c-a-f-e-t-e-r-i-a correctly (Oops. Embarrassing right? I'll never, ever forget that one hahah), I've worn glasses since I was two years old, and I wore braces & headgear (yesssss, I was THAT person hahaha) for 3 years! Anyone else?

I'm 110% convinced that I was born to be a photographer - there's nothing that makes me come alive more than taking someone's photo and making them feel like a million bucks.

Have you ever felt that way?! It'll seriously change the way you see yourself. So what do you say? Let's create your dream session & get you in front of my camera ASAP

I never met a taco I didn't like. Except fish tacos. Not a fan of those ;)